Toba Lake Festival
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Toba Lake_Satellite Image
Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, there is a volcanic island in the middle of the lake called Samosir Island. Take place in Lake Toba, the festival was held to promote the arts, culture and traditions of Northern Sumatra. Various events have been prepared by the festival committee, including exhibitions, sports activities, arts-cultural activities and other supporting events. 

Ornamental Ships Carnival at Lake Toba
paddle boat race
Tor-Tor Dance
Traditional Music Instrument of Northern Sumatra

Sentani Lake Festival
Sentani Lake_Satellite Image
Sentani Lake, the largest lake in Papua. The festival was held in Khalkote, Asei, East Sentani, Jayapura District, Papua. Sentani Lake Festival is an annual event organized by the Jayapura District Government. The purpose of this festival is to attract local and foreign tourists and also introduced the culture of Papua. This festival featuring cultural performance and traditional culinary of local people, there are also booths selling souvenirs such as Koteka, Noken, etc.

sunset at Sentani Lake

The exhibition devoted to the promotion, investment and trade through booths that showcase the economic potential in Papua such as mining, forestry, fishery, plantation and tourism.

Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem Valley
The second biggest mountain-valley in Papua, The legendary Baliem Valley is the home of the Dani tribe. Indigenous peoples are introduced to the outside world as a peasant fighters. They lived in farming, but likes to fight. Baliem festival featuring performances tribal warfare, crafts, and traditional dances of Dani tribe. Various village re-demonstrate various cases of war between their village. Complete with throwing spears and shooting arrows. But they do not hurt each other.
war festival-throwing spears
Dani tribe-with arrows

Bromo Festival
Mount Bromo (front)
Take place in Mount Bromo (in ancient Javanese language ; Brahma, one of the major Hindu Gods) East Java, this festival features Tengger tribes traditional arts performances, mass Kuda Lumping dance, Reog dance and the main event ; Bromo Million Fire Festival. 

tengger tribes, ceremony at Bromo desert

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